Thursday, May 18, 2017

This Day in Pop Culture for May 18

Michael Tate of Newsboys was born on May 18,1966.

Michael Tait is Born

On this day in 1966, Michael DeWane Tait was born. Tait began his journey to fame while attending Liberty University in the late ‘80’s where he met Toby McKeehan and Kevin Max for the first time. In 1988 they became DC Talk, a four-time Grammy winning band. In 2001, the group announced that they were taking a “hiatus” while all three members worked on their own solo projects. Tait started his own band, simply titled “Tait” in 1997 and continued with it until 2007 when he became the lead singer for The Newsboys, taking the place of Peter Furler who started his own solo career.

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