Thursday, December 22, 2016

Archie Makes His First Appearance

Archie Andrews made his first appearance in December 22, 1941.
December 22, 1941 
Inspired by the Andy Hardy movies in the 1940’s, Archie Andrews made his first appearance with Betty Cooper in Pep Comics #22 which hit newsstands on this day in 1941. The following year, Archie Comics #1 was published and in 2011, a copy of this comic was sold at an auction for $167,300! Archie became so popular that the publisher changed its name to Archie Comic Publications. Archie and his friends have attended Riverdale High School for over 70 years. In 1968, Filmation aired The Archie Show for the first time on CBS. The series morphed into a number of spin-offs for about 10 years or so. A new live-action Archie show, Riverdale, a darker version of Archie and friends debuts in January on the CW.