Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Intel Releases the World's First Commercial Single-Chip Microprocessor

Intel released the world's first commercial single-chip microprocessor on November 15, 1971.
November 15, 1971
Originally founded in 1968 by Gordon E. Moore and Robert Noyce, Intel was the brainchild of a chemist and a physicist. At first, Moore and Noyce rejected the notion that they should call their company “Moore Noyce” as that is a homophone for “more noise.” They chose Integrated Electronics and “Intel” for short. Intel was created the first commercially available microprocessor (Intel 4004) on this day in 1971, but things didn’t really heat up for the company until the late 1980’s when the company became the primary hardware supplier for the PC industry. In 1991, the company began its “Intel Inside” marketing campaign, making the company a household name even if many people had no idea what the company actually did.