Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Game “Monopoly” Receives Rejection Letter

The game "Monopoly" was rejected by Parker Brothers on October 19, 1934.
October 19, 1934
The earliest known version of the game “Monopoly” was created by Lizzie Maggie around 1902 and was then called, “The Landlord’s Game.” She approached Parker Brothers numerous times to purchase the game from her, but they initially refused because they thought that the game was “too political.” In the last 1920’s, the game had changed names and rules but was pretty much the same. Charles Darrow learned of the game and began creating handmade versions of “Monopoly” and claimed the game as his own. In 1934, Darrow brought the game to Milton Bradley’s attention, but it was rejected for being "too complicated." He then sent the game to Parker Brothers who also rejected the game on this day in 1934. However, the company learned that the game sold well during the Christmas holiday and went back to Darrow to make an offer. It was during this time that the Parkers learned that Darrow was not the inventor of the game and went back to Maggie to purchase the rights!