Thursday, September 15, 2016

Marilyn Monroe’s Famous Skirt Stunt is Filmed

Marilyn Monroe's skirt scene in "The Seven Year Itch" was filmed on September 15, 1954.
September 15, 1954
Sadly, when people think of Marilyn Monroe, the image that usually comes to mind is the scene from The Seven Year Itch where the actress stands over the subway vent and her skirt is blown up due to a blast from underneath. The scene, which only appears briefly in the movie, infuriated her husband Joe DiMaggio, who thought that it was an exhibitionist stunt and divorced her soon after. It was shot on this day at 1 a.m. on Manhattan’s Lexington Avenue. Monroe only had a couple of lines, but managed to flub them numerous times in front of some 5,000 onlookers who made their presence known with hoots and hollers. The scene was re-shot on the studio lot which still took about 40 takes. Ironically, the iconic image was only partially shown in the actual movie, focusing on her Monroe’s legs.