Monday, September 19, 2016

Horror Documentary ‘Rats’ Is Morgan Spurlock’s Latest Endeavor

Information about Morgan Spurlock's latest documentary "Rats."
Rats is the next documentary from Morgan Spurlock (Inqusitr)
Known for documentaries with unusual takes on a variety of subject matter like fast food (Supersize Me), men’s grooming and manscaping (Mansome), and advertising (The Greatest Movie Ever Sold), Morgan Spurlock has just unleashed his latest endeavor at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF): the horror documentary Rats. The Academy Award-nominated director and producer, along with co-producer Jeremy Chilnick, premiered his latest film on September 13 as a “Midnight Madness” screening. According to Real Screen, during the 40 years that the festival has gone on, only seven documentaries have premiered there and Rats is the only one to be scheduled at such a time slot because no one thinks of documentaries as horror flicks, but that has apparently changed.

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