Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dubai’s New Indoor Theme Park, IMG Worlds Of Adventure, Will Be The World’s Largest

Inside the world's largest indoor theme park.
IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai (Inquisitr)
Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the place to find the “world’s largest fill in the blank.” Anything that can be built will be built larger here. Next Wednesday, we can add “indoor theme park” to the list. IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park will open its doors and welcome guests to four different themed areas: Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure, Cartoon Network, Marvel, and IMG Boulevard. Spanning 1.5 million square feet, IMG Worlds of Adventure can hold up to 30,000 guests a day and developers are hoping to see 4.5 million visitors within the park’s first year.

Lost Valley is home to 69 moving and “breathing” dinosaurs lead by Barosaurus who stands over 52 feet tall. According to Hindustan Times, it took IGM five years to bring the large critters to life. Each is built with a thin layer of shiny silicone rubber to help bring the illusion to life. You’ll find the Velociraptor roller coaster in Lost Valley as well. This crazy coaster features four loops (the largest one spans 105 feet) and reaches speed over 62 MPH. For those not quite ready for dino-sized thrills, they will enjoy the Dino Carousel that features friendlier versions of dinosaurs for little ones to ride on.

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