Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What You Don’t know About Family Christian Stores Will Surprise You

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Since Family Christian has been around since 1932, chances are, you’ve already visited one or two of them in your lifetime. Of course, back then it was known as Zondervan Book Store (it didn’t become “Family” until 1971) and it took a while to build up to the 280 stores that they have today.

You also probably know that you’ll find just about anything “Christian” here including music, books, gifts, apparel, jewelry, movies, home décor and more at both their brick and mortar stores as well as online. I did too. I thought I really knew the store, but thanks to a special promotion, I got a chance to learn more about this retailer and it surprised me.

Though they have been a leader in Christian-branded merchandise for years, Family Christian made a HUGE change to the company’s business model in 2013. I’m sure that this news made headlines at the time, but I was unaware. It was during that year that the company decided to become fully nonprofit business giving all of its earnings to Christian charities! When they say that “you can change a life just by shopping,” they mean it.
Since 2013, with the help of its customers, Family Christian has been able to raise large amounts of funds to help benefit various charities including Back2Back Ministries, Pray America, World Vision and Destiny Rescue. It’s pretty incredible to think that just by buying a CD or two, the money doesn’t just go to support the musician and the store, but others in need as well. But it even gets better.

Right now Family Christian is holding a “Buy One Get One 50% Off” sale going on now through August 25, 2016. This sale is for ALL books, movies, music and more that feature the sunflower tag. You can find these deals in both their physical stores as well as online.

In exchange for this review and post, I was given a certificate to shop at Family Christian myself. I shopped online and I have to say, it took me some time to decide on what to get, but I finally opted for the new Hard Love CD from NeedtoBreathe as well Welcome to the New by MercyMe and Live Forever by Matthew West.

I want to say that my ordering process was flawless, but I did have some issues during checkout. Since it was a Sunday when I placed the order, there wasn’t anyone able to correct my issue over the phone as the company is closed on Sundays. However, I was able to send an email to customer support and my order was fixed promptly, so that was really impressive.

Now, while I wait for my music to arrive, I encourage you to enter the drawing for a $25 gift certificate, but hurry. The deadline to enter is August 27, 2016.

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