Saturday, July 16, 2016

'Pokemon GO is a No-Go at My House' Say Pastors

Pastors are not a fan of Pokemon GO.
(Inquisitr / AP Images)
The Pokémon GO app has truly become a worldwide phenomenon of popularity, but not everyone is a fan. Pastor Rick Wiles recently made claims that the app is unleashing “cyber-demons.” Then there is Ricky Scaparo, a former pastor and founder of International Ministry End Time Headlines who says that “Pokémon GO is a ‘No-Go’ at my house.”

Posting his views on Charisma, Scaparo says that the seemingly innocent game is anything but. “Sounds harmless right? Not so fast!,” Scaparo says.

In the article, Scaparo explains to anyone who has been living under a rock in the past week what Pokémon GO is all about, as well as the origins of Pokémon itself.

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