Friday, June 24, 2016

CBS' 'Zoo' Begins New Season; Bob Barker Says to Stop

Bob Barker asks "Zoo" to stop using real animals in the show.
Zoo (CBS)
While many are eagerly awaiting the season 2 debut of CBS’s summer series, Zoo, Bob Barker is . The former Price is Right game show host is making waves with his past employer of 35 years.

“As former host of the longest-running show on CBS, I am writing to you after hearing from my friends at PETA that your network continues to allow wild animals to be used on Zoo, despite learning that, when used for entertainment, big cats and other animals are torn away from their mothers, subjected to abusive training methods,” Barker wrote in a later addressed to David Stapf, the president of CBS. The Vancouver Sun says that Barker asks Stapf to “adopt a network-wide policy banning the use of wild animals in future CBS programming.”

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