Friday, October 2, 2015

Worth Watching? 'Dr. Ken'

Review of the show, "Dr. Ken."
Ken Jeong and Suzy Nakamur, the best part of Dr. Ken. (ABC)
I will never understand why some people consider actor Ken Jeong funny. I find the ex-Community star annoying and he doesn’t fare any better in a sitcom that is centered all around him. Tonight, he’s stars in Dr. Ken where he plays an obnoxious doctor by day and an obnoxious father and husband by night. Cutting to the chase – this show is lame. It’s only hope for its survival is that it airs on Friday nights with ABC’s slightly successful, and mildly more tolerable, Last Man Standing. But that show actually has a funny comedian as the lead.

In less than a minute, the first joke to be shared in the pilot episode is about hemorrhoids. Always hilarious stuff. (If the show was recorded before a live audience, they must have pumped in laughing gas.) The conversation between the good doctor and his patient is distasteful and not appropriate for families who would like to watch the show with their family. The office staff includes Jonathan Slavin (Better Off Ted), Tisha Campbell Martin and Kate Simses who would all prefer to be doing something else and their boss is played by Dave Foley, who hasn’t done anything notable since News Radio.

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