Thursday, October 1, 2015

TobyMac Makes List of Beautiful People

TobyMac in "Nashille Lifestyle"
Singer Toby “TobyMac” McKeehan is a beautiful person, but you already knew that didn’t you? Now, those in Nashville know it too.

Today, Nashville Lifestyle magazine released its 16th annual list of “Most Beautiful People” where they celebrate “Nashville's most dynamic, engaging, and yes, beautiful individuals!” And what do you know? The former DC Talk singer made the list.

“You might recognize this self-proclaimed ‘sneaker freak and hat connoisseur’ by his Christian hip-hop stage name, TobyMac. When he’s not spitting fire in the studio (his sixth album, This is Not a Test, was released in August), McKeehan can be found hitting the links at the Golf Club of Tennessee or shopping around town …” says the copy next to the fashion model pose that he strikes. 

Then, I was pleased by what I read further, “McKeehan looks to his wife, Amanda, for support and inspiration. ‘’She is compassionate and listens well,’ he says. ‘Oh, and she’s fiery in every way!”’ McKeehan may be a Grammy-winning artist, but his five children remain his pride and joy. His biggest accomplishment is ‘being a daddy who’s in the mix,’ he says. What’s more beautiful than that?”

The 2015 October issue of Nashville Lifestyle
The 2015 October issue of Nashville Lifestyle
Chances are, if there is anyone in Nashville who is not aware of TobyMac, they will be now and just might want to check out what he likes to sing about. What do you think of this? My knee-jerk reaction was, “Really? We need to promote beautiful Christians now as if as average-looking Christians need not be celebrated.” (Not that this is really news. Christian record labels seem to only churn out music from attractive singers just like secular companies do. Just once I would like to see some homely guy with a fantastic voice on a music cover, but I digress.) However, I have to wonder what TobyMac will make of all this fuss. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would celebrate this type beauty pageant. 

Some fans will be disappointed that McKeehan didn’t mention God in his piece, but this is Nashville Lifestyle, not Charisma and besides, they didn’t write a lot about any of the celebrities featured in the issue including Kellie Pickler, Jake Owen, Chris Carmack and Ruby Amanfu. It should also be noted that the magazine doesn't talk about TobyMac's "looks" at all but recognizes him for his achievements outside of his work - his family.

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