Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Best TV School Teachers

TV's Best School Teahers.
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As we begin yet another school year, teachers all across the country have prepared themselves, transformed their classrooms into halls of knowledge and have experienced high hopes that this year, they will really make a difference in their students' lives. Then reality sets in. Let's face it. School teachers don't always get the respect that they deserve. That extends to the fictional teachers on TV as well. But today, we salute all teachers who have stopped spitball fights, ingested enough chalk dust to make them sick, and suffered from red inked stained hands from grading papers. You have given your student your all and we can't ask for more. As a tribute, we share with you 14 others teachers who have braved the trails before you. Even though their working conditions were set in a world of make believe, may they be your inspiration as well. Here's to the best teachers on television.   

Our Miss Brooks
Eve Arden (CBS)
Miss Brooks
One of the first TV shows ever to focus on a school teacher was Our Miss Brooks which starred Eve Arden. It was originally a radio show that began in 1948. In 1952, the TV version of the showed aired on CBS while continuing the radio version. Though both shows were very popular, the radio version continued until 1957 while the TV show sputtered out in 1956. A big screen version of the show was released in 1956 as well. Arden was later "promoted" to a similar role as Principle McGee in the big screen musical movies, Grease (1978) and Grease 2 (1982).

Welcome Back Kotter
Gabe Kaplan (ABC)
Mr. Kotter
Comedian Gabe Kaplan played the famed role of the teacher in Welcome Back, Kotter. The sitcom focused on Mr. Kotter coming back to teach at his former high school in Brooklyn, New York. The show was somewhat based on real life as the school was modeled after Kaplan's real high school. Kotter's challenge was to teach the "Sweathogs," a group of dim students who were destined to drop out. Mr. Kotter was actually a founding member of the group, so he could relate to them. Though a huge hit when it began in 1975, the ratings started falling rapidly in its third season as the Sweathogs were no longer believable as high school students. By the fourth and final season, Kotter became vice principal.

Boy Meets World
William Daniels (ABC)
Mr. Feeny
The ABC sitcom, Boy Meets World, had a long run from 1993 to 2000. Mr. George Feeny, (William Daniels), was so important to the series that he kept getting promoted so they could keep him in the show. Mr. Feeny began playing a grade school teacher, then a principle and finally a college professor. During that time, he taught a variety of school subjects including, English, archaeology and quantum physics. The "Boy" in the series was Cory, (Ben Savage), who claimed that Mr. Feeny was the only teacher he ever had since kindergarten. He even appeared in the recent TV show spin-off, Girl Meets World on the Disney Channel.

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