Sunday, September 20, 2015

67th Emmy Awards: Who Were the Big Winners?

Results of the 67th Emmy Awards
Andy Sandberg and Seth Myers in the 67th Emmy Awards (Fox)

Last year, comedian Tracy Morgan had gone through a serious car wreck with his recovery questionable. At the Emmy award show, late night host Jimmy Kimmel gave a short mention to the comic while presenting the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series saying “We’ll see you next year Tracy Morgan.” This year, as a surprise to many, Tracy Morgan walked on stage to announce the nominees for this year’s Outstanding Drama Series and received a standing ovation at the same time.

That was one of this year’s better highlights. Others included Jon Hamm’s humble speech for winning Outstanding Lead Actor for a Drama Series after he chose to climb on stage instead of using the stairs. This was a nod to Tina Fey who did the same thing a few years ago and Amy Poehler and was the one who read the list of nominees. Uzo Aduba, who won for Outstanding Supporting Actress for Orange Is The New Black, gave a heartfelt thank you to her family as well as her sister who she called her best friend. Andy Sandberg and Seth Myers took a few minutes to honor their former Saturday Night Live boss, Lorne Michaels, with a “World’s Best Boss” coffee mug. And FOX should have received an award for completing the live special within three hours!

The 67th Emmy Awards started well with a song-filled spoof with host Andy Samberg going underground in a bunker not to return until he had seen every episode and of every show that was up for an award. Why Samberg is no Billy Cyrstal, he did a decent job. Then he came out to do his opening monologue. Ugh. While he did get in a few good jokes, there were too many cringe-inducing ones with shots of those in the audience looking bewildered.

The huge winner of the night belonged to just about everyone involved in the making the limited series/movie, Olive Kitteridge, which won every award in its category except for supporting actress, which went to Regina King for American Crime. Both Veep and Game of Thrones won four awards each (incidentally, Game of Thrones was nominated for 24 awards this year which makes it 83 nominations total to date for those keeping track) with Transparent coming in third with three wins.
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