Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mickey Mouse Club 60-Year Reunion

Original Mouseketeers will join in for a 60th year reunion.
While its not Comicon, Disney's D23 EXPO is pretty impressive in it's own right. This year, the event will hold a special reunion of the original Mousketeers on August 16. The roll call includes: Sherry! (Alberoni), Sharon! (Baird), Bobby! (Burgess), Tommy! (Cole), Darlene! (Gillespie), Cubby! (O'Brien) and Doreen! (Tracey) along with Spin and Marty actors Tim Considine and David Stollery. The panel will be hosted by author Lorraine Santoli who wrote the book, "The Official Mickey Mouse Club Book."

In addition, a small collection of Mickey Mouse Club items will be on hand to observe including props and costumes from the original Mickey Mouse Club Circus attraction at Disneyland and Mouseketter Annette Funicello's handprint on display when she was inducted as a “Disney Legend” in 1992.

Here is the a video of the first season's team:

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