Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Love Can be Delicious

David Sikorski and his new bride to be
David Sikorski poses with his bride to be. (Kristina Bakrevski)

Man Gets Engaged to a Burrito

Who doesn't love a really good burrito? Not just ANY burrito. We're talking about "The One." 

Well, one man took things a little too far. With the help of professional photographer Kristina Bakrevski, David Sikorski shared his love for the food and posted a series of engagement photos with the Mexican dish. 

David Sikorski's new bride to be
(Kristina Bakrevski)
Mr. Sikorski, a writer based in San Francisco is single and through an interview with GiveItLove.com, he said how he grew tired of “wading through a Facebook news feed that mostly features engagement announcements and other couple-based posts from his friends.” He could deny his love for the burrito no longer. He said that he first met the carne asada burrito at the San Francisco restaurant, Taqueria La Cumbrea.You can see more the couple's pictures on GiveItLove.com.

The stunt is similar to one done by photographer Jamie Clauss who found herself with a little extra time on her hands. 

Jan, Chase and Snuggles Regegar
Jan and Chase Regegar pose with "Snuggles" (Jamie Clauss)
Her friends, Jan and Chase Regegar (also photographers) offered to pose with their Jack-Russell Terrier, Snuggles, for a photoshoot reminiscent of baby announcements. CountItJoyPhotography.com described the photos as “All the stereotypical baby photos, from the infant-swaddled-in-towel shot to the feet-under-blanket shot, have been redone perfectly – but with a dog.” More of her photos can be found here.

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