Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Transformation of The Hamburglar

McDonalds transforms The Hamburglar.
Left: The "New" Hamburglar, Top Right: The Hamburglar circa 1975, Bottom Right: Yesterday's Hamburglar
(Images: McDonalds)
Today, I learned three new things: McDonald’s character, The Hamburglar's real name is Hamilton B. Urglar, he has just emerged from months of plastic surgery – or something and spelling "Hamburglar" is difficult. Today, People magazine has reported that the icon character has a “new look” and so far, the audience is not sure if he is “hot” or “creepy” or maybe a bit of both.

Sadly, not one of fast food's best-looking characters, Urglar finally succumbed to the pressures that society has placed on these kind of celebrities and has tried to transform himself much like Wendy and Jack from inside the box.

Urglar began his career with McDonald's back in 1975 when he was a resident in McDonaldland along with Captain Crook and Grimace, the milkshake-drinking purple blob. His initial look was considered “creepy” by many and so, under protest, went through a strange transformation that made him look more like a giant child. Today's reveal looks more like someone you would want to hide your children from. However, my suspicion is that this new creation is not here for the kiddies, but rather their mothers. He apparently has upped his game as well. For year, the criminal only stole the plain hamburgers and maybe the occasional cheeseburger, but now it appears that he going for the Quarter Pounders. This is what a life a crime will do to a person.

So, what do you think of the new Hamburglar?

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