Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bumper Stickers: Saving the World One Sticker at a Time

Christian bumper stickers.


According to John Fischer, founder of StickerGiant, the first bumper stickers to be printed were in the early 1930’s. The first stickers were mostly advertisements for local tourist attractions with some being placed by employees while guests were visiting the sites. Soon though, stickers were being printed with everything from political viewpoints to military pride. Somewhere in the mix, some religious people got the idea that bumper stickers could be a form of sharing one’s faith. 

I guess the assumption was that other drivers would be in awe of your awesome sticker and stalk you until you parked somewhere so they could ask you what "I Found It!" meant. Then, they would repent of their sins right then and there. Or, maybe the others drivers would feel convicted when they read, "Turn or Burn." I wonder, did this ever work?

As to be expected, anti-religious stickers were printed to retaliate against the preachy ones and the war of words continues today. Some bumper stickers are funny, some are hurtful and some are just plain odd. The following features some of the best and worst from both sides of the sticky-tape.

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