Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Amy Grant's Latest will Appeal to Country Fans

Amy Grant's "Be Still and Know...Hymns & Faith" will appeal to country fans.
Universal Music Group
After years of being relatively quiet, Christian music star, Amy Grant, has made up for it. In 2013, she released “How Mercy Looks from Here” that featured special duos with Vince Gill, James Taylor, Sheryl Crow and others. Last year came “Amy Grant in Motion: The Remixes,” which featured new dance music spins on some of her more popular music including “Baby, Baby” and “Every Heartbeat.” This month comes “Be Still and Know...Hymns & Faith.”

“Hymns & Faith” features many tracks from previous albums including “Legacy...Hymns & Faith,” “Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith” and “How Mercy Looks from Here.” Grant is not usually considered a country singer, but when you put all of these tracks together, including two new ones produced by her husband, Vince Gill, this is definitely a country album. However, with that said, Grant does some nice contemporary touches including a slightly faster tempo to the music making the “old” hymns sound new. The best example of this is “This is My Father's World.”

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