Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tree TV: December 24, 2014

Best Bet: It's a Wonderful Life

What is a Christmas without a viewing of this 1946 Frank Capra classic? Brought to you in glorious black and white. If you are tired of that choice, you can always go for America's other favorite holiday film, A Christmas Story, presented over and over again on TBS starting at 8:00 p.m. tonight.

Here is What Else is on Tonight: 

5:00 p.m.Home AloneTheatrical MovieABC Family
6:00 p.m.Christmas with HollyMade for TV MovieHallmark
6:00 p.m.All About Christmas EveMade for TV MovieLifetime
6:30 p.m.Home AloneTheatrical MovieDisney
7:00 p.m.National Lampoon's Christmas VacationTheatrical MovieABC Family
8:00 p.m.It's a Wonderful LifeTheatrical MovieNBC
8:00 p.m.Christmas with the KranksTheatrical MovieLifetime
8:00 p.m.Best Christmas Party EverMade for TV MovieHallmark
8:00 p.m.A Christmas StoryTheatrical MovieTBS
8:00 p.m.Home Alone 3Theatrical MovieDisney
9:00 p.m.ElfTheatrical MovieABC Family
10:00 p.m.A Christmas StoryTheatrical MovieTBS
10:00 p.m.NorthpoleMade for TV MovieHallmark
10:00 p.m.Holiday SwitchMade for TV MovieLifetime
10:00 p.m.The Secret of GivingMade for TV MovieUP

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