Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mandisa’s “Get Up” Album Needs Caffeine

Mandisa's "Get Up: The Remixes" was released on September 16, 2014.
Mandisa's "Get Up: The Remixes" was released on
September 16, 2014. (Sparrow Records)
Amy Grant’s remix album, “In Motion: The Remixes,” has done remarkably well considering that Grant is not known for dance music. The techniques used kept most of the music true to its original form but added a dance beat and sped up the music for a whole new sound.

Today Mandisa releases her own dance album: “Get Up: The Remixes,” and ironically, the crew behind the music did just the opposite, which is odd.  The album features some of the singer’s more famous songs that have been tweaked and in some cases, slowed down. Neon Feather, who worked on “Back to You”, said on his Facebook page, “Well this is a little different for me… I did a remix for Mandisa. The slower tempo was refreshing to work with.”

Now, if you’ve seen Mandisa in concert lately, you know how committed she is to the Zumba fitness program. That girl likes to move. A good portion of her music is toe-tapping to the extreme. The idea of creating a remix album seems like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, the results are rather disappointing. The care that went into making Amy’s album great is missing here. Perhaps the project was rushed.