Thursday, September 18, 2014

Japan Burger King Unveils Black Burger

Burger King's Kuro Burger
The American version of the Whopper is pale in comparison to the Japanese Kuro Burger from Burger King. “Kuro” translates to “black” and they are not kidding. The limited-time burger item has been served in the restaurant since 2012, but that doesn’t make it any more appetizing.

The Kuro Burger features a black bun, sauce and cheese. This is in addition to the heavy black-peppered beef patties. The bun and cheese is created with bamboo charcoal and the onion-garlic sauce also contains squid ink. Just like mom used to make.

Screenshot from Burger King Japan's website
Screenshot from Burger King's Japan website.

This year’s burgers will be featured in two versions; Pearl (regular) and Diamond (with added tomato, lettuce and onions), but will only be around until early November, so get ‘em while they last. Personally, I'd rather have it "my way."

Below is a TV commercial for the similar "Ninja" burger offered in Malaysia.