Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Get Involved in Seattle Theatre Community

How to volunteer with five different theatres in Seattle.
CBS Seattle
“The show must go on!” is a quote often heard when referring to live theater. This is usually in reference to many of the unexpected events that can happen to the cast and crew behind the scenes including illness, faulty equipment, wardrobe malfunctions, etc. However, it can also refer to the many volunteers who help make every great live show a success. Although just about every theatre in Seattle would gladly accept your donation as a great way to get involved, that isn’t the most practical for some folks. Lucky for you, each can use more volunteer help in the areas of ushering, concession sales, ticket sales, mailing crews, costuming assistants, etc. and the perks of doing so usually include free tickets to the show. Here are five local theaters that you could be involved with:
Taproot Theatre Company
204 N. 85th St.
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 529-3646

With Taproot’s recent expansion, it is seeking to get the word out. Here is how you can help: join the Citiroots Team. Volunteers in the programs will be “in the know” on the latest Taproot shows, which is bound to make your friend envious. Participants are invited to sit in on rehearsals, are given posters and postcards to post up in local businesses and are assigned other easy tasks. Contact Sonja Lowe for more information.