Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Angus T. Jones: No More a Half-Man

Angus T. Jones (KHOU TV)
In a world where former child star actors and singers go off the rails in their behavior and faith, one is actually going in the opposite direction.

Former co-stars Angus T. Jones and
Charlie Sheen (CBS)
Angus T. Jones, the former “half-man” in the CBS sitcom, “Two and a Half Men,” has re-emerged publicly since leaving the show. Sporting a beard that the Duck Dynasty men would approve of, the 20-year-old sat down for an interview with Houston’s KHOU TV. For those who have never watched it, Two and a Half Men originally starred Charlie Sheen as a happy playboy bachelor who reluctantly opens his home to his brother (Jon Cryer) and his son Jake (Jones). After fallout with creator Chuck Lorre in 2011, Sheen was fired/quit the show and Ashton Kutcher replaced him. Then, in 2012, Jones was seen in a YouTube video where he pleaded with people to not watch the show as he described it as “filth” and “very inappropriate.” He later apologized and continued playing the role until Lorre was able to write the character out of the show.

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