Tuesday, January 14, 2014

USA Sweeps Japan in 1st ANW event

USA Sweeps Japan in 1st ANW event
TEAM USA (l-r) Travis Rosen, James McGrath, Paul Kasemir,
 Brent Steffensen Photo by: David Becker/NBC
Nobody saw this coming. As much as every American wanted to see Team USA beat out Team Japan in last night’s American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. Japan event (aired on NBC), very few actually thought that they could. I mean, come on – playing against the country who invented the game? Playing against Japanese elite in the sport? But, there we were. Japan making rookie mistake after rookie mistake (and really beating themselves up for it too) while USA stayed on top throughout the night. Some USA members even beat records.

Held in Las Vegas, the Warrior special was performed in three stages with one player from one team battling it out against one from the other. Whoever completed the stage with the better time, received a mark. The first team to win three marks wins the round. Round One was worth one point, Round Two is worth two points and you guessed it – the winner of Round Three received three points. Final score was USA=6, Japan=0.

Perhaps the Japan team could have benefited from a fellow Ninja Warrior’s book. Physical therapist Ben Musholt from Portland, Oregon has competed on the NBC hit show and got as far as the regional semi-finals. He has written a brand new book titled “Mad Skills” and it is the world’s largest illustrated exercise encyclopedia featuring 700 different exercises.

Those living in the Seattle area will want to know that Musholt will be on town on Friday, January 31st at Parkour Visions, located at 1210 W. Nickerson Street to teach some “mad skills” on Creative Calisthenics and will be on hand to sign copies of his book as well. What is even better is he has given Writer of Pop of a copy of this book to be given away to one lucky reader. Just fill out the form below by midnight January 31st. Receive a bonus entry when you sign up to receive daily email updates from Writer of Pop. Sign up now!

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