Monday, November 11, 2013

Meet the Real Church Hoppers

Jerry Bently (Doc), Anthony Lockhart (Gladameer) and Kevin Annas (Rev. Kev)
are the Church Hoppers on the news show, "Church Rescue."
(Photo: T-Group Productions)


Believe it or not, 40% of all new churches will fail within their first year of operation and 80% won’t make it past five years! That’s pretty surprising, but thankfully, churches across the United States have a new resource to go to for help. The Church Hoppers, featured in National Geographic’s new reality series, Church Rescue, travel the country to find churches that are having trouble in paradise.
 The Church Hoppers consists of three ordained ministers who each have their own special skills: Kevin Annas (Rev Kev) is the team’s business consultant, Jerry Bentley (Doc) focuses on emotional health and Anthony Lockhart (Gladamere) is a sales and marketing analyst. I got a chance to speak to the three of them recently and here is what I learned about themselves and the show:

Rev. Kev, Doc and Gladamere have been friends for a long time but came to work together about five years ago. “We got frustrated with the church structures that we were in individually,” says Gladamere. “God just kind of brought us all together to found this para-ministry. We actually wanted to plant a church and we went through all of the motions and preparations and exhausted ourselves into the structure and the strategic plans for that and then ultimately out of that, God birthed the reality of Church Hoppers.”

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