Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Petition to Save Money at Your Movie Theater

While many of us would prefer to see movies as God intended – in a nice air-conditioned theater, many don’t because of the cost. Who wants to ask for a bank loan to enjoy a 2 hour getaway?

Dealficks is what every movie goer has been looking for – but they just didn’t know it.

The Good: Dealflicks is essentially Priceline for movie tickets. Everyday consumers can receive movie tickets AND concession deals for up to 60% off at any time, any day of the week.

The Bad: Only a limited amount of theaters participate in the program. But that can change! More on that in a moment.

On average, theaters operate with 88% of the seats unfilled. This business startup is sells tickets at reduced prices to fill up these seats. Not only are the seats discounted, but so is the popcorn and soda. While you may not have heard of them before, the company has been featured in CNBC, The New York Times, TechCrunch, NBC, CBS, and others. Their iPhone app was featured three times by Apple and was recently featured on Google for their new Android app at Google.

The folks at Dealflicks say: 
“Our theaters love us because we don’t charge them any signup or ongoing fees to market their venue. Our customers love us because we offer the best movie ticket deals 24/7/365.” (Dealflicks.com)
While the website was launched back in July 0f 2012, many local theaters are not listed and therefore do not offer these discounts. Here is where you come in. Sign up for a free membership to receive the company’s emails alerting you to the most recent deals in your area. Then, visit the website and look for theaters near you and sign the petition for that theater, or you can contact the theater directly. It takes 1000 people to sign the petition to make it an effective selling tool to your local theaters, so tell your friends about this service as well.

Finally, do us both a favor and order your tickets through the Writer of Pop website! When you do, be sure to use the code: "READERSCHOICE" to receive an extra $5 off! Let’s go to the movies! 

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