Thursday, October 3, 2013

Laura Story Releases 'God of Every Story'

Laura Story's new album,
"God of Every Story"
is now available.
Almost everyone is familiar with Christian worship music is familiar with the song, “Indescribable.” Made famous by Chris Tomlin, the song was actually written by another – Laura Story. This humble singer, songwriter is not fazed by the success of the song and the credit that is usually given to Tomlin, but she will set the record straight when asked. She doesn’t have to though, she is well-known for other things including being a GRAMMY® winning artist, a speaker, a author, worship leader, wife and mother.

Another surprising fact about this famous and amazing woman - she would rather travel around in a t-shirt and sweater with her hair pulled pack into a ponytail rather than get all dressed up. How she looks just isn’t that important to her. I saw this first hand at a listener’s event. She was late to her radio interview because she would rather be spending time listening to other people’s tales rather than talking about herself. She likes to share stories as well and isn’t it great that someone who likes to tell stories is blessed with the last name of Story?
Currently, she is sharing those stories on the road with Steven Curtis Chapman for “The Glorious Unfolding Tour,” but even better is the arrival of her new album, God of Every Story, which has just made its way to store shelves this week.

Story shares honest and personal stories in song about the good, the bad and the ugly moments in life. A great example of what you’ll hear on the album is “I Can Just Be Me” which is about being broken before God and that it’s okay – we can just be who we are when we are with Him. The song has resonated deeply with listeners quickly breaking into the Top 20 on the Billboard National Christian Audience chart and achieving over 70 radio station adds – reaching nearly three million people already. In addition to its climb on the AC charts, the song has already rocketed to No. 2 on the Soft AC/Inspo chart. The live music video for "I Can Just Be Me," which is beautiful by the way, can be viewed here. The album can be purchased here.

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