Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Natalie Grant Leads the Way to Fight Sex Trafficking – and You Can Help

Natalie Grant, singer and Executive Producer of the proposed
documentary project, "In Plain Site: It's Happening in Your City."


“I was watching a local news report and they were reporting in Nashville, where I live, that 12 girls under the age of 18 were found in the same apartment with just dirty mattresses on the floor. They had just broken up this brothel and it was one mile from my front door,” says singer Natalie Grant in a recent video about sex trafficking in the United States. “It IS happening and not only is it happening, it is growing at an alarming rate.”

So disgusted and shocked by these developments so close to her own home, Grant is partnering with Word Films to present the documentary, “In Plain Site: It’s Happening in Your City” as Executive Producer and Narrator for the project.

With a goal of being released in stores nationwide in 2014, “In Plain Sight” will take introduce viewers to five different people living in five different cities who all have two things in common:
  • They are unaware of the crimes being committed in their own backyard.
  • They have more power to help stop these crimes than they thought. Read more>

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