Sunday, September 15, 2013

Honda’s Project Drive-In Announces Winners…with More to Come

The crew at 99W Drive-In in Newburg, Oregeon are thrilled to be the winners
of a new digital projector thanks to Honda.
Tonight, folks living in Newberg, Oregon were treated to a free night at the movies at the 99W Drive-In. The third-generation run theatre was a recent recipient of a new digital projector presented by Honda of all things. “In celebration of winning a digital admission to the 99W Drive-In tonight!” states the drive-in’s website. ”THANKS to HONDA and all of you who voted!”

It is estimated that most of the remaining drive-ins in the country will have to close down by the end of this year unless they are able to cough up $80,000. The reason? The movie industry at large is completely switching from film to digital in just a few short months and smaller theatres will have to close up shop once that happens. Hit with this reality, Honda created Project Drive-In this summer. The initial plan was to award five worthy drive-ins their own new digital projector, of which 99W was one. The other winners are:
  • Saco Drive-In, Saco, ME
  • Cherry Bowl Drive-In, Honor, MI
  • Graham Drive-In, Graham, TX
  • McHenry Outdoor Theater, McHenry, IL

But there is even better news. The response to save the drive-ins has been better than the car company imagined. “We planned on saving five drive-is, but with your help, we will be able to help save nine.” States Honda on the company's website. As of this evening, over 2,101,000 people have voted nationwide. Voting has been extended until September 21, so there is still time to vote for your favorite drive-in. New winners will be announced on September 23 at 6:00 a.m. (PDT). Visit to let your voice be heard.

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