Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Big Daddy Weave

Guest Post: Rhapsody
They’re not the flashiest band. You won’t find them sporting deep-Vs and skinny jeans or wearing knit caps in July just to look cool. But Big Daddy Weave know how to deliver a hit song — something these good ol’ Southern boys have been doing for more than a decade.
The band is made up of brothers Mike and Jay Weaver (Mike handles the songwriting and lead vocals, and Jay is on bass and vocals), Jeff Jones (drums), Joe Shirk (sax and keyboards) and Jeremy Redmon (guitars and vocals). Their roots reach back to the University of Mobile on Alabama’s gulf coast, and the band has ties to Florida, too. All the sunshine these guys have soaked up over the years definitely makes its way into their music. There’s a laid-back, almost island vibe that permeates the soul-filled, rootsy pop rock they deliver.

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