Friday, May 3, 2013

'Ironman 3' Leads the Way to a Great Summer of Movies

One of the more light-hearted moments in "Ironman 3."
Photo: Disney/Marvel

If the summer movie season can be judged by one of its’ first entries, “Ironman 3,” then we are in for a good season.

The first “Ironman” was enjoyed by comic book lover and non-lovers alike. It featured a vulnerable, yet egotistical Tony Stark, who wasn’t born with any superpowers. It was a huge hit, but may have been too big for its britches. The decision to create “Ironman 2” so quickly may have proved to be a bit impulsive as the end result paled in comparison to the original. Fast forward to today, and you’ll see that Marvel is again on top of their game.

Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has become a workaholic, has nightmares and has developed panic attacks due to the weight of the world on his shoulders. Now living together, he and Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow), struggle with their relationship like many “normal” couples do in the real world. It doesn’t help that a powerful world terrorist, known as The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) is creating constant havoc. Finally, won’t Tony and Pepper be surprised to learn that much of today’s problems stem from someone in their past?

Tony Stark takes his newfound fame very seriously and yet it takes a third film to prove to him once again that he can’t do everything himself. This is good lesson for many believers who though they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, tend to venture out on life leaving Him behind. Just like Stark, we can do so much more with our allies than going it alone.

Even though “Ironman 3” was filmed in 3D, it really isn’t needed and the price isn’t worth the distraction of wearing the clunky “collector’s edition” eyewear. It is a bit darker than the first two films and more violent with some images that will disturb young viewers. Even if your little guy is a hardcore Ironman fan, you should see the film yourself first before allowing them to see it.


On a related note, Disneyland has announced that their Innoventions building in Tomorrowland, (formerly “America Sings” and before that, “The Carosel of Progress”), has opened a new exhibit called, “Iron Man Tech Presented by StarkIndustries” bringing a little of the movie magic into the park. Here, visitors will get a up-close look at all of the Ironman suits of armor (guided by JARVIS of course) and to virtually suit up in the latest version and try it out.   

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