Friday, April 19, 2013

‘Home Run’ Couldn’t Have Come at a Better Time


The long-awaited faith-based film, “Home Run,” makes its debut in400+ theaters across the country today. After all the Boston Marathon bombing news this week, our country could use a dose of good news. The baseball-themed movie just might be the ticket.

Home Run” tells the story about a pro-baller who is forced to deal with his substance abuse problem. He returns to his small home town and fakes his recovery in hopes of returning back to his full glory.

The Samuel Goldwyn Film, in association with Provident Films, has been receiving a lot of praise from movie-goers fortunate enough to be able to attend of them film’s screening previews this week. The film is said to provide an honest portrayal of overcoming life’s difficulties and a number of baseball players, pastors and everyday folk seem to agree.

“The movie “Home Run” is great for not only baseball fans, but anyone looking to be inspired,” 5-time World Series Champion and New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte is quoted in a recent press release. “The story provides an important reminder that no matter how successful we are, we are all affected by the issues that come along. Only through Jesus we can find the peace and comfort to live this life.”

Jose Alvarez, former big-league pitcher agrees. “We all know people like Cory Brand—successful, yet hurting deeply and perhaps we know them too well because we see them in the mirror every day, says Alvarez. “Home Run” is a gripping movie that reminds us with God’s help, we can break free of whatever is holding us back. This movie is a solid hit!”

Samuel Goldwyn Films and Provident Films have led the way in recent years in producing effective, entertaining and successful faith-based films including “October Baby,” “Fireproof” and “Facing the Giants.” “Home Run” has the advantage of being directed by Cinematographer and director, David Boyd who is known for his work on TV’s “Friday Night Lights” and “The Walking Dead” among others. It also benefits s from star power of Vivica A. Fox, Scott Elrod, Dorian Brown and Charles Henry Wyson.

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