Thursday, March 14, 2013

Roll the Dice, Move Your Mice, Somebody is Going to Get Hurt

Eccentric Christopher Wren (Quinn Armstrong) tries to
impress innkeeper Mollie Ralston (Hana Lass) in "The Mousetrap."
(Photo: Village Theatre)

It is said that mystery writer and playwright, Agatha Christie said in an interview before the original opening of her play, “The Mousetrap,” that she thought that the play would only run for eight months at the most. After many years of performances, someone bought the rights to the story to create a feature film of the production with the stipulation that it couldn’t be made until the play came off the stage. This year marks the play 60th anniversary. You’ll have to wait awhile longer before you’ll see a movie trailer any time soon.

Village Theatre brings this treasured play to Everett at the Everett Performing Arts Center after its initial run at its Issaquah location. The set is truly amazing complete with a large bay window and snowflakes. The Arts Centers isn’t a tiny theatre, and yet the stage is so close to the seating that it feels intimate and you can get a nice close-up view of the set during intermission.

“The Mousetrap” tells the tale of a young married couple taking the leap of opening their own guesthouse. Wouldn’t you know it, their very first night, they are sold out, a snowstorm takes over the neighborhood and there is a killer on the loose. It’s no wonder that Giles and Mollie Ralston (Richard Nguyen Sloniker and Hana Lass) are  beginning to rethink their decision. Their guest for the weekend include:
  • Christopher Wren (Quinn Armstrong) an eccentric with a passion for cooking and interior design.
  • Mrs. Boyle (Ellen McLain), a miserable old woman who is never happy unless she has something to complain about, and lucky for the Ralstons, she has plenty.
  • Major Metcalf (R. Hamilton Wright) who is the ying to Mrs. Boyle’s yang. A complete polar opposite in personality.
  • Miss Casewll (Jennifer Lee Taylor), a rather boyish and opinionated woman.
  • Mr. Paravicini (David Pichette) who is the unexpected guest with a flair.
  • Detective Trotter (Jared Michael Brown) who is there to investigate the murder of…you’ll just have to wait.

As always, Village Theatre does an outstanding job with this fine work. Every character is larger than life. It’s like watching a stage version of the boardgame, “Clue.” The only weakness with this show is the performance of Quinn Armstrong. It may have to do more with the fact that his character, Christopher, is incredibly hard to pull off as a real person. It is hinted at (but not confirmed) that he is gay, but more than that, he has some of the strangest lines of dialogue in the play. Standouts include McLain, Pichette and Wright.

“The Mousetrap” continues through March 24. The Everett Performing Arts Center is located at 2710 Wetmore Avenue, Everett, WA 98201. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling the box office at 425-257-8600. (Originally posted on


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