Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Disney Creates New Mickey Mouse Cartoon Shorts

Mickey gets a new retro look in "Croissant de Triomphe"
Photos: Disney

For a hardcore Disney fan, news doesn’t get much better than rumors that the studio is creating brand new Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts – except when the rumors are true.

Unlike the short created for the “House of Mouse” Saturday morning series, which were “okay,” or the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Playhouse Disney, these new shorts have the sensibility of the cartoons of the golden ages, with a modern, artistic flair. Actually, the cartoons have a sort of a 1930’s look to them but they are based in contemporary settings. The new shorts are really short too – about three and half minutes each.

Coming in late June, 19 new shorts featuring the mouse and friends will be shown on the Disney Channel and Disney.com. This Mickey features pie-cut shaped eyes, red shorts and yellow shoes, but has a decidedly different look. He is also a globetrotter with adventures in New York, Paris, Bejing, Venice and Santa Monica to name a few.

Mickey’s new adventures have been created by the Disney Television Animation team under the direction of Paul Rudish, who was the mastermind behind two of Cartoon Network’s biggest shows every, “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “The Powerpuff Girls.” Fortunately, the new shorts look and feel like they belong to Disney.

Disney gave viewers a sneak peek of one short,“Croissante de Triomphe” with every line spoken in French and features Mickey, Minnie, Daisy Duck and even a cameo of Cinderella. Minnie is seen working at a cafĂ© and runs out of croissants. It is up to Mickey to save the day. While there is much for adults to appreciate, the cartoon comes across more cute than funny, but your kids are going to love them.


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