Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mandisa Makes Appearance on 'Good Morning America'

Mandisa, TobyMac and Robin Roberts on GMA last Monday.
Photo: Fred Lee, ABC


Monday during the eight o’clock hour, three time Grammy nominee, Mandisa Hundley, (known by many as just “Mandisa”), made her first appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America. During the time, she talked about her 120 lb. weight loss, her career since “American Idol” and fittingly enough, sang her new single, “Good Morning.”

Mandisa told about the beginning of her journey to the limelight in 2006 when she auditioned for the talent show. She was 35 and overweight. Her voice impressed the judges but her size also impressed Simon Cowell. “Do we have a bigger stage this year?” he said in a clip from the show.
Lara Spencer and Mandisa on GMA.
Photo: Fred Lee, ABC

"It was just hurtful and mean and the one thing I didn't want to have happen," Hundley said. However, she forgave him because she herself had been forgiven of many things. But it was also those words that helped change her life. She set a goal to lose 100 pounds by changing her diet, taking Zumba classes and working with a personal trainer. But this journey wasn’t easy either.

"There was a time when I didn't feel like getting up and going to Zumba one day. I had done everything right. I got on scale and I had gained 1.8 pounds, so I tweeted that I was through with it. And when I woke up from my nap I had tons of messages saying, 'Don't give up.' And more than that, they said, 'I appreciate knowing that you're real and that you go through difficult times.'"

TobyMac's latest release.
While on GMA, Mandisa sang her song, “Good Morning.” Not to take away the limelight, she was accompanied by TobyMac who also sings on her album and has unveiled his own new album, “Eye on It” today. Known for his energy, he seemed somewhat subdued compared to his singing partner dressed in bright orange. Together, the two “wowed” the audience and the show’s crew.

Showing off her new figure.
Photo: mandisaofficial.com
Last April Mandisa delivered her fastest selling album to date, “What If We Were Real,” and recently followed up with the release of her new EP, “Get Movin’.” Earlier this year, she completed the “Girls Night Live” tour, where she headlined and brought along Laura Story, Anita Renfro, and Britt Nicole in support.

For her next venture, Mandisa will be featured on the upcoming three-month weekend run of the "Women of Faith" tour this September, alongside Amy Grant, Patsy Clairmont, Mark Lowry, and others. 

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