Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Changes are Coming for Seattle Radio Station

Scott Valentine and Sam Kelly have moved on to new
adventures in their lives. Photo: SPIRIT 105.3

Monday morning began like any other morning for many on August 27, but some Seattleites woke up to news that their favorite morning DJs would be leaving the air. SPIRIT 105.3 radio announced on air Monday that Scott Valentine and Sam Kelly would be leaving the station.

“When is the last time you cried leaving someone?” begins a letter posted on the SPIRIT website and written by Sam Kelly. “For everything there is a season. As you might know, we've had some health challenges with Baby Zoe lately. Whenever I pick her up from the babysitter after work, I feel so strongly that I should be the one watching her, not someone else. Staying home? I've worked outside the home my whole adult life. It's a hard decision, but a clear one, made a little easier since Scott just got offered a ministry opportunity in New York…We will miss you so much. Thank you for all the years of friendship. We will keep the memories of your stories and families and God's miracles forever.”

In response, many faithful listeners have shared their good wishes, prayers and memories to the duo on the site as well.

This big change is right on the heels of another announcement of another DJ, Tom Pettijohn, would also be leaving the station and other changes to the station’s schedule.

Amy Byrd and Steve Sunshine will be the new morning hosts
on SPIRIT 105.3 beginning on Monday, September 10.
Photo: SPIRIT 105.3
However, all is not lost. Starting Monday, September 10 Steve Sunshine and Amy Byrd (those are their real names!) will begin hosting the SPIRIT morning show. Steve and Amy have been a popular morning show for over five years in other parts of the country and they are very excited about being on radio in Seattle.

“They are real people who love talking about family, faith, and life in general, and of course playing lots of uplifting music,” says the station’s website. “Sometimes it’s light and fun, sometimes more serious, even profound, Mornings with Steve and Amy will always be a show the whole family can listen to together.”

Like their predecessors, Sunshine and Bryd love to talk about their families, their faith and life in general. It is said that their sense of humor is contagious. You can get your first listen of the new duo on September 10 beginning at 5:00 a.m. on SPIRIT 105.3 FM. (Originally posted on

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