Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inside New York Med

Dr. Oz is featured in the premiere episode of "NY Med"
on ABC. Photo: ABC Television

ABC Television’s website asks, “What do grandmothers, addicts and celebrities have in common?” Can’t think of a common thread? Well, all of them seek care at Columbia and Weill Cornell Medical Centers at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. This hospital is the focus of an eight week special series, NY Med, which begins tonight at 10:00 p.m.

ABC’s camera crews were given access to the facility for a full year to give viewers a real inside view of what really goes on in there on a daily basis. According to ABC, "NY Med follows the irascible, compassionate and, at times, cocky attending surgeons who try to change the trajectory of lives by relying on sheer medical brilliance and a healthy dose of old fashioned good luck.”

Tonight’s premiere episode speeds by with about five or six different stories of patients all with different needs. There is no narration, just video clips of the procedures and interviews with the hospital staff and patients.

"Medicine is a universal subject. At some point in our lives we or those we love will become patients for one reason or another," said executive producer Terry Wrong. "This series takes you behind the curtain to learn about those we depend on to fix us and how sometimes they just can’t.”

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this series is seeing well-known Dr. Mehmet Oz in action. Even with busy and successful career as a TV talk show host, Dr. Oz still spends many hours each week at the hospital. He is just as nice and friendly in person as he is on his own show.

“NY Med” is created by the award-winning producers of previous special series, “Hopkins” and “Boston Med.” The show is interesting, entertaining and even heart-warming. The men and women featured on the show are not miracle workers, but what they do is pretty miraculous. It airs on Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. on ABC.

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