Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Creation Northwest 2012 - Wednesday in Review

Kutless showed their hard and soft sides Wednesday night
at Creation Northwest 2012.

This is it! Creation is up and running at the Enumclaw Expo Center in Enumclaw, Washington where the staff boasts that it will be “the highlight of your summer…maybe your life!” Celebrating its 15th year, the festival is a fan favorite and has something for everyone from morning children programs to late night comedy and lots of music in between.

When the gates opened at 3:00 p.m. today, the weather conditions were perfect or “just okay” depending on whom you talked to. The clouds never dissipated, but the rains didn’t come either so it was a win/win and only slightly muggy.

First to hit the stage was Rapture Ruckus who made their U.S. debut last year at Creation on the Fringe Stage. This year, the New Zealand trio made it to the big stage and was greeted with much enthusiasm from the crowd. They are one fun band that even some of the older folks could appreciate. Not too loud, full of energy and singing songs of truth.

On the other end of the spectrum was Kutless who got louder and louder with each song. Earplugs are available to concert-goers who would like to hear the next day, but some refused stating the old adage, “If it’s too loud, you’re too old.” The group finished their set with the worship music including the popular, “That’s What Faith Can Do” which was the perfect lead in for speaker Reggie Dabbs.

After some impressive saxophone playing, Reggie shared his testimony about how he found out that he was adopted much later than he should have. He also shared about how his birth mother almost chose an abortion to get rid of her "problem" when she was an unwed teenager. Then he spoke words of encouragement, especially to the youth.

Later, the festival was invaded by the Red (another good excuse to wear earplugs) followed by MercyMe. Together, they a very odd combo, but somehow works at an event like Creation.

When hunger strikes, check out these two vendor choices:
  • Mocha Motion: Serving up some tasty hot and iced coffee drinks at surprisingly reasonable prices. Bonus: Super friendly service.
  • Piggy’s: Serving up some of the best barbecue over an open flame. Like the name implies, their servings are huge. The best deal is the barbecue beef slider the size of a large hamburger and a “boat” of curly fries for just five dollars. Bonus: Great southern hospitality while you wait for your fresh sandwich off the grill.

 It takes over 1500 staff volunteers to make the festival run smoothly and they are still looking for volunteers. If you are planning on attending Creation and are willing to work four and one half hours per day, you are encouraged to stop by the staff office. For more information on about Creation, visit their website. (Originally posted on

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