Monday, June 11, 2012

‘Hoodwinked’ Creator Attached to New ‘Frog and Toad’ Feature

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The Jim Henson Company has just announced that Cory Edwards, director, storyteller and comedian, who just happens to be a Christian as well, has signed on to direct a new animated “Frog and Toad” feature.

The beloved “Frog and Toad” books were written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel in the 1970’s. There are four books in all with five short stories in each which tell the adventures of Frog and his friend Toad. So, just how much trouble can one frog and toad get into? Plenty.

 “’Frog and Toad’ has tremendous value with parents who read these charming stories when
they were children and are now sharing them with their own kids,” said Lisa Henson, CEO of
The Jim Henson Company. “With such high caliber talent on board, the delightful and funny
adventures of these two great friends--with a nod to the classic ‘buddy movie’--will bring a whole new audience to their big screen debut.”

Lisa Henson will produce for The Jim Henson Company.  Adam Lobel and Adrianne Lobel will
executive  produce.  Craig Bartlett (“Dinosaur Train” and “Hey Arnold!”) will write the screenplay
and Cory Edwards (“Hoodwinked” and “Hoodwinked Too: Hood vs. Evil”) is attached to direct.

Just one of Cory Edwards' latest inventions.
Photo: Cory Edwards
Edwards is a very funny and talented man whose true talents has been somewhat hidden from the public eye. “Hoodwinked,” a multi-view story of Little Red Riding Hood, was a surprise hit in 2005. Although talk of creating a sequel was on the table right away, it took six years for the sequel to come about and when it did, much of Edward’s inspiration was changed creating a lackluster show. Edwards’ next disappointment came with the dissolved “Fraggle Rock” project (based on the Jim Henson television series that ran in the 1980’s.) that he had invested much time into.

Perhaps it is just a case of ADD, but Edwards is not one to stand still very long. While waiting for his next big break, Edwards created the first continuing Twitter series, “Roger Cosmonkey,” about a former NASA test monkey  in May of 2011. In July 2011, a second season was created.  Then in May of this year, he created a new animated web series, “Krogzilla Gets a Job,” for Shut Up! Cartoons. The short story is about a terrorizing sea monster that gets downsized. His best friend is a barnacle named Jeff. (You can watch this amazing video below.)

It will be exciting and interesting to see how this new project shapes up since the storyline is gentler than Edwards’ usual material. Perhaps through Frog and Toad, Edwards will receive the recognition he deserves. (Originally posted on

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