Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gentlemint is the Pinterest for Men

Why “pin” when you can “tack?” That’s the concept of the new Gentlemint, a sort of Pinterest for men. It’s not to say that Pinterest is only for women, it’s not. Many men “pin” things on Pinterest (including yours truly), but let’s face it, by and large, Pinterest features things that appeal to women including recipes, craft projects and pictures of shirtless men.

Instead of “pinning” things, Gentlemint “tacks” things. I’d like to say how much different Gentlemint is, but I haven’t been accepted yet. I signed up weeks ago, but haven’t been officially invited to join. Gentlemint has only officially been online for a few months now and the founders, Glen Stansberry and Brian McKinney, were not expecting the huge response. “Before we knew it, we had thousands of people sieging Gentlemint's keep, all clamoring to register for the site,” says Stansberry in a post that is dated February 8, 2012. “Ever since hitting that point, Brian and I have been in "survival" mode, just trying to bolster the tech behind the site, and keep up with the email requests, interviews, feedback, questions, and everything else that comes with a lot of people digging your site at the same time. We've had to shelve needed features that we were nearly ready to release in order to keep the tide at bay.”

So, if you’re like me, while you wait to be accepted into this “mint of manly things,” you can enjoy some of the more popular “tacks” on the site including a photo on how to turn a watermelon into a keg, a list of ten of the best baseball movies ever made and a dead cat that was turned into a toy helicopter when it was hit by a car and the owner, an “artist” (or mad scientist) created a new life for his feline friend. (Take that Pinterest!)

Stansberry also offers a bit of hope for me on the blog saying, “For those who have signed up to the invite list, don't worry, you're still there. You'll be in soon, and thanks for being patient with us.”

I don’t know. Maybe this posting will help speed things along. (Originally posted on

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