Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Point of Grace Celebrates 12 Records, 20 Years Together

Shelly Breen, Leigh Cappillino and Denise Jones of Point of Grace

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Word Label Group

Today marks the release date of Point of Grace’s 12 records, “A Thousand Little Things.” The album promises to be brimming with beautiful harmonies, encouraging lyrics and graceful melodies – but isn’t that on every album they produce? This year also marks the 20th anniversary of Shelly Breen, Denise Jones and Leigh Cappillino singing together. What a 20 years it has been too. Together, they have produced 27 #1 songs, won 13 Dove awards, two GRAMMY nominations and sales in excess of 7 million with  Platinum and Gold certifications and one of the top 10 best-selling artist in the history of contemporary Christian music.

“When you can say, ‘This is where we are, and this is what we love,’ that’s when you have your best shows and your best music, because you finally found yourself and you’re fine with it,” Denise explains on the Word Label Group’s website, “You’re relaxed, and you’re honest.”

“The longest part of the recording process is just finding the songs,” recalls Shelley. “We scour the landscape of Nashville to find the greatest songs. We have always been really cautious to not just find three good songs that could go on the radio and hurry up and write the other ones to fill the spaces.” Fan of the trio can appreciate that.
“I think this record is where the musical minds of people are — a little bit everywhere,” says Leigh. “ We’ve been around for a long time, so we’re a little bit of everything. I think this record is a taste of all of those flavors.” She goes on to say that songs like “Wash Me Away” and “Heaven Knows” has a sort of pop-meet-rustic flavor.

According to Word, several tracks on the record have a more reflective feel, mirroring what each woman was experiencing in her personal life and in her relationships with family and friends. “For me, ‘What I Already Know’ just ate me alive,” Leigh admits. “In the studio, I couldn’t even sing the doggone thing — it took me back and really sunk deep into my being.” Denise adds, “‘What I Already Know’ is a prayer: Lord, I know you’re guiding me, and I trust you. ‘I Believe In You’ was dedicated to our kids, and wanting to say to them, ‘I believe that you’re going to make good choices.’ And ‘Only Jesus’ hit at a time when my friend’s mom died, and nothing else can take away that pain except for trusting that Jesus is going to rise in that occasion for you.”

“A Thousand Little Things” is about all the little things that we should take notice of and be thankful for. For some, Point of Grace was just added to that list.

Other new music released Tuesday, May 1, includes:
  • “Overcome” by Lara Landon
  • “III.VEP” by Family Force 5
  • “Open the Heavens” by Patrick Dopson
  • “Deitrick Haddon Presents: A Beautiful Soul”  by Deitrick Haddon
  • “Songs in the Night” by Karen Davis

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