Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MercyMe Releases ‘The Hurt and the Healer’

“I Can Only Imagine” is a beautiful song by the group MercyMe. In fact, it is the most downloaded song in the history of Christian music. It even beat out “Friends” and “Our God is an Awesome God.” Still, for some, it may feel like it has worn out its welcome a long time ago. But there is more to this band than just that anthem. A lot more.

Today marks the release of “The Hurt and the Healer,” MercyMe’s latest album where no two songs sound alike but the meanings are all the same. The title track is probably closest to the next “Imagine.” The chorus presents a simple message with a powerful punch stating: “I’m alive even though a part of me has died, You take this heart and breathe it back to life, I fall into Your arms open wide, when the hurt and The Healer collide.” It is a great song and bound to be a new favorite of many, but I don’t think it’s the strongest of the bunch.

“You Know Better” kicks off the album with lines like, “You’d think by now I’d know who’s running the show.” It’s a reminder for us all to let Jesus lead us, not expect Him to follow us. “Don’t Give Up on Me” is funky and “You are I Am” is reminiscent of the ‘80s pop song, “Life in a Northern Town” by The Dream Academy. Instead of a chorus of “A hey a ma ma ma hey ya” MercyMe sings “Oh…oh oh whoa-o” and it’s great. “You Don’t Care at All,” perhaps my favorite, speaks truth with a toe-tapping beat. Lyrics include: “All of my yesterdays, all of my past mistakes, You’ve thrown them all away, You don’t care at all, You don’t care at all.” The song makes it clear that guilt is over-rated.

Lead singer Bart Millard, guitarists Mike Scheuchzer and Barry Graul, bassist Nathan Cochran, drummer Robby Shaffer, and keyboard player Jim Bryson have topped the charts for over ten years focusing on God’s grace in our lives.

For your enjoyment, a video featuring the song “The Hurt & the Healer” is posted below.

Other new music albums released today include:
  • “Beneath the Scars” by 12 Stones
  • “Space Time Continuum” by The Washington Projects
  • “Find Your Worth, Come Home” by To Speak of Wolves
  • “Shifting the Atmosphere” by Jason Nelson
  • “Promising Promises” by Jon McLaughlin
  • “Hanging on by a Remix” by The Letter Black
  • “III.VEP” by Family Force 5
  • “Cutting Edge Years: 20th Anniversary Edition CD” by Delirious?
  • “Outta My Witts” by TeTe
  • “Back Home Again” by the Oak Ridge Boys
  • “People Need the Lord: Number Ones” by Steve Green
  • “Ultimate Collection” by Stuart Townend
  • “Be Still and Know” by Kathleen Carnali
  • “Transformed” by Cheneta Jones
  • “Thank You Camellia” by Kris Allen

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