Friday, April 13, 2012

Monumental Movie to be Shown This Weekend

After a widely-successful national, live, one-night showing in 550 movie theaters on March 27 through Fathom Events, actor Kirk Cameron's new film “Monumental” is now playing by popular demand in local theaters. According to the film's publicity team, more than 200,000 individuals have requested that the historic documentary to open in theaters. Producers responded by bringing the film to twenty-five theaters for a regular engagement starting Friday, April 13.

Cameron retraced the footsteps of the pilgrims to help understand who they were and what drove them to establish the free and wealthy nation we live in today and what we need to do to restore America back to its greatness.

“Monumental is my journey to find answers to these questions,” says Cameron on the project, “I’m retracing the footsteps of our founders from England to America in the hope of rediscovering
our true ‘national treasure’ so that we can use it to restore our country.”

When asked why he decided to make the film, Cameron said, “This is one of the most important journeys of my life. America is worth fighting for, and so are our families. We can still be a ‘city upon a hill,’ but we need to work together.”

To find a theatre near you that is showing the film, click here. 
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