Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey kick off free new Bible app

Just this week a new “Bible” has been launched with the help of some big names. TV Producer, Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey (of Touched By An Angel fame) along with Zondervan and Glo Bible has announced the release of a new mobile app – Bible360.

This little app promises to do big things. With Bible360 you can “surround yourself in God’s Word” the website says. The program has many features that are divided in five sections:
  1. Bible – Provided in its natural order (canonically) and in four translations: NIV, ESV, The Message and KJV.
  2. Atlas – Not flat maps, but zoomable, pan-able online maps with tons of photos.
  3. Timeline – See where the events in the Bible happened in context with one another.
  4. Media – You can organize the content of your Bible by media type including videos, vitual realities and photo.
  5. Topical – Addresses major life questions of the Christian faith and helps you find biblical content by topic, person, place or thing through a zoomable interface.
“With Bible360, people everywhere now have the ability to explore Biblical History in an insightful, accessible and immersive way,” said Burnett and Downey in a joint statement. “We are thrilled to provide millions of people with a fresh visual experience as they enjoy this sacred text.”

“It is an honor to be collaborating with some of the leading content creators on this new, socially-charged app,” said Bible360 President, John Kilcullen. “It’s our hope that Bible360 will be a tool to empower people to dive deeper into the Bible and engage in valuable conversations about the book within their communities.”

A basic version of Bible360 is available now and free at A premium version of the app is also available. The app can be downloaded for use on iPads, iPhones, or your Mac or PC computer.
The above announcement comes with another announcement of Burnett and Downey’s doing. They are currently producing a 10 part miniseries, HISTORY, for the History television network to be aired next year. It is being produced by Downey’s Lightworkers Media and the footage will eventually be incorporated into the Bible360 app.

HISTORY is actually, Lightworkers’ second project. The first is a new animated series for preschool-aged children called Little Angels for Focus on the Family. Downey not only voices one of the characters, but produces the series with Phil Lollar, a writer for Focus’ Adventures in Odyssey series.
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