Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Letter to God

First published in 2011
Here’s a twist on the ol’ New Years Resolution: write a letter to God. Stay with me here, it gets better.

Instead of writing a list of things you’d like to change or improve in the New Year, write it down in a form of a prayer. Write down the things that only God can change. Write down your hopes and dreams for the New Year. Write down the bad habits that you want to change and the good habits you want to adopt. Ask God to change your bad behaviors and to see other’s as He sees them. Write from your heart.

This might seem silly, but this isn’t a wish list, a set of demands or a letter to Santa. It’s a prayer in written form. When you letter is written, fold it up, place it in an envelope and set it aside…for a year. Put it someplace where you won’t be tempted to read it, but not so hidden that you forget where you put it. A year from now, open up the envelope and read what you wrote. You may be surprised by how much God has done for you in 365 days.

If you’re afraid that you’ll either lose your letter or that someone else will find it, another idea is to use the free service of Future Me is a letter writing service where you can jot down your thoughts and have them delivered in your email in box a year later. And it can be done totally anonymous. Although, you also have the option to mark your letter “Public But Anonymous” which means that the body of the letter will be available for others to view, but your name and email address remains a mystery.

While visiting the site, you can read other’s letters from the past. Some have been sent from all over the world. Some have been sent 50 years into the future!

One more thing, be sure to use an email address you plan on keeping for a long time.

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