Thursday, May 5, 2016

Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is the Best Avengers Movie Yet

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., "Captain America: Civil War" Review
Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. (Marvel Studios)
When Iron Man first came to theaters in 2008, who knew that Marvel would become such a behemoth in the movie industry that it is? Movies based on Marvel Comics had been done before this of course, but they were done by studios who bought the rights to the Marvel characters and often the results were lackluster. “Iron Man” was the first official Marvel Studios film and at the time, there was much speculation if it would attract much of an audience at all. Iron Man was considered to be a second string character behind Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four and The Hulk which were all owned by other studios. There was also speculation about Robert Downey Jr. playing the iconic role. The film did better than anyone expected.

Since then, Marvel Studios has, for the most part, churned out consistently good movies and Captain America: Civil War is no exception. Even with its somber theme, the movie stays fun. The trailers and posters for the film hinted that it might be heavy in tone similar to the recent DC Comic movies, but unlike DC, Marvel doesn’t take its storylines too seriously. The violence is cartoonish and swearing is at a minimum. Often the film make references to how some details just don’t make sense in the real world and laugh it off rather than trying to convince us that some of these outlandish claims could really happen. They haven’t forgotten who their audience is – everyone.

Monday, May 2, 2016

9 Hidden Secrets Disney Snuck Right By You - Video of the Day

The fact about Aladdin is the best. (From Looper)

Tori Kelly Brings New Life To Amy Grant’s ‘Baby Baby’

Tori Kelly and Amy Grant team up for "Baby, Baby" 25th anniversary.
Tori Kelly and Amy Grant (Inquisitr/Getty Images)
Tori Kelly wasn’t even born when Amy Grant’s “Baby Baby” rose up the charts to No. 1 in 1991, but this weekend, she and Grant released a new version of the song in celebration of “Baby Baby’s” 25th anniversary and while no one has complaints of the original, Kelly brings new life to song.

Though the new “Baby Baby” is being marketed as a duet, the two singers didn’t actually sing together. Instead, producer Dave Garcia took Grant’s original song and added Kelly’s new recorded version. CONTINUE READING ON INQUISITR.COM >>>

'Mothers Day' Deserves a Better Script

Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston (Open Road Films)
Mother’s Day is the latest holiday-themed story compilation movies (Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day) from director Garry Marshall. The star-studded movie focuses on the lives of four different mothers and each of their individual stories which are loosely held together with the help of Miranda (Julia Roberts) who is a home shopping channel host for HSN. In this film, everybody knows who she is and are constantly watching her show.

Jennifer Aniston plays Sandy, the divorced mom who is reeling when she learns that her ex-husband (Timothy Olyphant) has taken a new bride (Shay Mitchell) who is much younger than she is.

Jennifer Garner plays the mother who isn’t there as she died while serving her country in the military. She is only shown in a brief flashback. Her widower husband Bradley (Jason Sudeikis), who also served in the military, is still mourning her death even a year later.

Margo Martindale plays Flo, the estranged mother of Jesse (Kate Hudson) and Gabi (Sarah Chalke). Both daughters have married without telling their parents. Jesse is married to Russell (Asif Mandvi), an East Indian man and Gabi is married to Max (Cameron Esposito) who is a woman.

Then there is Kristin (Britt Robertson) who despite living with her boyfriend Zack (Jack Whitehall) for over four years and having a child together, has cold feet when it comes to marriage. She is still struggling with that fact that she doesn’t know who her birth mother is.

Though the film has a great cast and some nice ideas, overall, the movie is quite dull and contrived with tired jokes. In some cases, the filmmakers decided that the audiences will be too dumb to understand the jokes as is and proceeds to spoon-feed the punchlines.

Some situations in the film don’t even make sense. For instance, Bradley has a number of female friends asking what he and his daughters are doing for Mother’s Day. This seems really odd since his wife is dead.

There really is only one reason to see Mother’s Day and that is to see Jennifer Aniston whose comedic performance is so natural and believable, that she elevates every scene that she’s in. Roberts is especially good as well even under that awful short-and-sassy wig.

Overall though, Mother’s Day isn’t as clever as it thinks it is and isn’t as funny as it should be. The cast is giving it their all with a script that doesn’t support them. The sad thing about Mother’s Day is that you can see that it could have been a lot better film. Still, it is pretty fun watching Aniston fight with her car’s seatbelt. 

‘Good Housekeeping’ Goes on Sale for the First Time

Good Housekeeping Magazine was published for the first time on May 2, 1885.
May 2, 1885
"Good Housekeeping" is one of the oldest magazines still in print which was founded on this day in 1885 by Clark W. Bryan. The cover was decidedly bare compared to today’s version. Initially, the magazine’s focus was that of housewives, but has enlarged its focus over the years to all women. The Good Housekeeping Institute, founded in 1902, created the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval showing that all products advertised in the magazine were tested by the institute and backed by a two-year warranty.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme park Opens

May 1, 1989
On this day in 1989, Disney’s Hollywood Studios (located about as far away from Hollywood as possible) opened its gates for the first time. Originally, this third theme Disney theme park in Orlando, Florida went by the title of Disney-MGM Studios until 2008 when the partnership of the two companies split ways. Though the intent was to feature the works of both studios, the park focused a lot more on Disney with the exception of The Great Movie Ride which celebrated some of MGM's greatest films and just a small nod to Disney. The park is sort of Disney’s answer to Universal Studios. The 135 acre park celebrates Hollywood with designs set in the style of 1930’s and 1940’s art deco. When it opened, some TV shows and movies were actually filmed and a portion of animated movies were created on site. The park is currently going through a major transformation including the removal of the Sorcerer's Hat seen here.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

See How One 'Jungle Book' Movie Influenced the Other - Video of the Day

This is actually pretty interesting if you've seen both the original animated and the new live action version of The Jungle Book. You can see how much of the original film influenced the latter. Pretty cool, Disney.

Lou Gehrig Played His Last Game

Lou Gehrig played his last baseball game on April 30, 1939.
April 30, 1939
Lou Gehrig, baseball first baseman for the New York Yankees, played an incredible 17 seasons for the team before retiring on this day in 1939. A seven-time All-Star and six-time World Series champion, Gehrig won the Triple Crown in 1934 and was twice named the American League's “Most Valuable Player.” In 1939, Gehrig was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disorder now known more commonly as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.