Wednesday, August 31, 2016

'Finding Dory' Returns to Theaters on Labor Day Weekend

"Finding Dory" comes back to theaters Labor Day weekend 2016.
Finding Dory back in theaters Labor Day weekend. (Disney/Pixar)
While it may seem unbelievable, but apparently there are those who didn’t find Dory when she swam in to steal the show this summer. And then there are those who are eager to find her again on the big screen instead of looking for her on their small screen at home. For those reasons, Disney/Pixar is re-releasing Finding Dory back to the multiplex ocean for one last swim this Labor Day weekend. To “celebrate” or to just help to lure you back in, the studios have released a new clip from the film entitled “cuddle party” and if you remember seeing the scene in the movie, it’s worth viewing on more time.

23rd Season of ‘DWTS’ Includes a Former Taxi Driver, Ryan Lochte and Marcia-Marcia-Marcia

Marilu Henner, Rick Perry and Maureen McCormick  will be a part of the 23rd season of "Dancing With the Stars."
Marilu Henner, Rick Perry and Maureen McCormick will compete in the 23rd season of Dancing With the Stars. (ABC)
Every season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars there seems to be at least one star who is either controversial or a head-scratching choice. This year that person believes to the bad boy of swimming, Ryan Lochte who is desperately trying to change him image after his false robbery report in Rio. He’ll be joined up with dancer Cheryl Burke who has been away from DWTS for awhile now, so it will be nice to see her back. Lochte is not the only Olympian to make it to the dance floor this season as gymnast Laurie Hernandez will be joining the cast.

Cheryl Burke, Ryan Lochte, GMA's Ginger Zee, Valentin Chmerkovskiy and Laurie Hernandez
Cheryl Burke, Ryan Lochte, GMA's Ginger Zee, Valentin Chmerkovskiy and Laurie Hernandez (ABC)

The ‘Willy Wonka’ Kids Remember Gene Wilder; Where Are They Now?

Denise Nickerson, Paris Themmen, Julie Dawn Cole who starred in "Willy Wonka" remember Gene Wilder
Denise Nickerson, Paris Themmen, Julie Dawn Cole (Inquisitr)
This week many are mourning the death of Gene Wilder, and as much as he would have liked to be known for other things, he will forever be remembered as Willy Wonka. It is well documented that Wilder was never really happy with his performance in the 1971 movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but for many, they wouldn’t have it any other way, including the kids who played their roles beside him.

In 2011, those same kids, now in their 50’s, spoke to Bryan Reesman from MTV and told him what they thought of the actor. It was during the 40 year reunion of the film that Peter Ostrum said that he considered Gene Wilder a close friend and appreciated his help relating to Mel Stuart, the director of Willy Wonka movie.

Disney/Pixar Releases New 'Cuddle Clip from 'Finding Dory' - Video of the Day

Disney/Pixar is releasing Finding Dory back to theaters Labor Day weekend and have also released this clip to tempt you into seeing the movie again. Did it work?

Final Episode of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

 Mr. Rogers aired his last show on August 31, 2001.
August 31, 2001
The Rev. Fred Rogers had his start on TV beginning in 1953
as a puppeteer for the show, The Children’s Corner which aired on the Pittsburgh public station, WQED. It is there that
he learned that wearing sneakers on the set was much quieter than his regular dress shoes. In 1963, Rogers moved to Toronto, Ontario to work on the CBC show, Misterogers, where he appeared in front of the camera and he acquired familiar set pieces such as a trolley and a castle. In 1966, Rogers moved back to WQED to create the regional show, Mister Rogers Neighborhood. The show was a hit, but was cancelled in 1967 due to a lack of funds. However, The Sears Roebuck Foundation came through with funding that allowed the program to be seen nationwide. The show continued until 1976. Then the crew started up the show once again to run from 1979 to this day in 2001.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Christopher Cross’ Song “Sailing” Hits #1

Christopher Cross' "Sailing" made #1 on August 30, 1980.
August 30, 1980
On this day in 1980, singer-songwriter Christopher Cross
rose to the top of the music charts with his first hit, “Sailing.” Up to this point, Cross was a relatively unknown singer. His self-titled album is considered to be one of the biggest soft-rock hits of all time and included “Ride Like the Wind,” (which was actually released before “Sailing”) and featured a
backup vocal for Michael McDonald. This fame lead to a sweep of wins at the 1981 Grammy Awards where “Sailing” and Cross won for Best Record, Best Song, Best Album and Best New Artist. Cross’s next hit also came out that year, “Arthur’s Theme” from the movie, “Arthur” with Dudley Moore. Cross’s next Top 10 hit was “Think of Laura” which came out in 1983 and it was his last.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Where Was Thor During 'Captian America: Civil War'? We Know - Video of the Day

If you saw Captain America: Civil War, you probably wondered what Thor was up to while the others were Now you know.